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Acqua Panna

Product from: Italy

Acqua Panna is a premium brand of natural mineral water from a natural source in Tuscany, Italy. It has exceptional quality and a distinct taste, which makes it a popular choice. The water comes from the natural springs located in the Apennine Mountains, where it is filtered naturally and enriched with minerals over a 15-year journey through the pristine rocks and soil. This unique filtration process gives Acqua Panna its distinctive smoothness and well-balanced flavour.

Its low mineral content gives its clean and crisp taste to shine through. It is known for its neutral pH level, making it a versatile choice to pair with various types of cuisine and beverages without altering their flavours. Whether you want to serve Acqua Panna on its own, as a refreshing drink, or as an ingredient, this natural spring water offers a taste of the Italian countryside and a touch of elegance to elevate any dining experience.

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