About Us


 We are true believers of healthy eating and products as the core of a top quality living standard, and key to that matter is “pleasure”. That is why we have brought Nominal, the only place where you can find products far below their real value.

Our story started as a simple idea; to bring Hong Kong closer to experiencing the freshness of fine products from small producers and farmers around the globe. But, what started with an idea, became an amazing project that embraces a lot more than meets the eye.

We differentiate in that we deeply care about each stage of the food chain from starts to end. We do this by paying special attention to the origins, and turning “fine dining” into a reachable concept which has only quality as its core value.

Nominal globally sources from local and small producers that have sustainability practices in their manufacture process, and every item is carefully selected by our team of food lovers, resulting in outstanding products that will bring an “out of this world” quality to your plate & home, and a great story to tell.