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Artichoke cream

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La Chinata Artichoke Spread is elaborated with selected artichokes to guarantee their quality and freshness, and it is enriched with La Chinata EVOO.

Regarding its flavour, it is very particular, slightly bitter yet leaving a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

It is ideal to eat without anything else or with bread or “regañás”, as well as to cook the most varied dishes: sauces, meat or fish stews, empanadas, rice, pizza, pasties or even to give a flavour touch to garnishes.

Artichokes have a lot of properties, as they are rich in minerals, specially potassium, but its content in magnesium, phosphorus and calcium has to be also highlighted. Likewise, it contains vitamins B1, B3, and E.

Furthermore, artichokes are also known by its diuretic properties, as they help to remove fluids and toxins. They also help to combat diabetes, as they reduce blood cholesterol, arterial pressure and atherosclerosis.