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Laurel 30% Soap

Premium Bar Soap
Essential Oil: Laurel 
100% Natural
Origin: Lebanon
 Laurel oil, also known as Laurus Nobilis is a specialty carrier oil that is produced from the berries of the Laurus Nobilis shrub native to the Mediterranean. Laurel berry oil is a carrier oil because it carries the essential oils into the skin. It is used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin through massages or aromatherapy. Widely known for its unique skincare properties, laurel berry oil is ideal for making luxurious soaps and a wide variety of skin rejuvenating cosmetics. Laurel Berry oil should not be confused with Bay leaf oil that is steam distilled from the tree’s leaves.
Our laurel berry oil is produced through a traditional process of boiling handpicked laurel berries until the seeds and the pulp separate. The nutritive oil then floats to the top of the water and is carefully collected to maintain the purity of this traditionally produced carrier oil. There are numerous benefits of laurel berry oil and here are our top three:1. Antibacterial properties. 2. Natural muscle relaxant. 3. Skin Hydrating properties.
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Not Tested On Animals
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