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Honey Propolis Soap

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Premium Bar Soap
Composition: Honey Propolis
100% Natural
Origin: Lebanon
Our Honey Propolis bar soap is the result of our loving labor which our precious bees contain the natural healing properties of honey and propolis.Honey is a staple ingredient in the making of this bar soap. Mostly known for its antibacterial properties, it soothes mild cases of acne and skin redness. In addition to that, it helps in unclogging pores and in turn, prevents the premature aging of the skin. Propolis extract is a resin-like wax substance created by bees out of coniferios trees.Bees use propolis to patch up their hives and protect their offspring from bacteria. Mostly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in wound healing. It is also commonly known for its anti-septic effects on the skin and eliminates bacteria. Finally, it acts as a humectant and attracts moisture to the skin, leaving it healthy and smooth.
Palm oil & Sulfate  FREE
Not Tested On Animals