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Campo Real Olives

Product of Spain

 Experience the Exquisite Taste and Rich Culinary Heritage of Campo Real Olives, a Gem from Spain

Originating in the fertile region of Campo Real, renowned for its exceptional olive oil production, Campo Real Olives are hand-picked and carefully processed to preserve their natural flavour and aroma. These olives boast a vibrant green colour, a firm texture, and a delicate balance of sweetness, saltiness, and a hint of bitterness – a true testament to the terroir of Campo Real.

Whether enjoyed as a simple snack, paired with fresh bread and cheese, or incorporated into gourmet dishes, Campo Real Olives elevates any culinary creation. Their versatility allows them to complement various flavours, from salads and pasta dishes to pizzas and grilled meats, adding a touch of Spanish authenticity to every bite.

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