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Blackberry Syrup 500 ml

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Origin:  Bekaa valley - Lebanon

AnNabil Syrups are drenched in exotic aromas and natural tastes in every sip. They are
concentrated from fruits that are harvested in season and are handpicked to provide the most
wholesome juice extracts.

We apply hygienic filters for the entire beverage production line which ranges from
Strawberry, Blackberry, Lime, Grenadine tropical syrups. 
Tamarind, Kamardine, and Jallab oriental syrups, syrups that require a very particular savoir-faire. For instance, our renowned Jallab and sugar-free Jallab, require a hint of incense smoke
to be introduced at a very specific moment during its preparation: vapors that provide its opulent arabesque flavoring.

To be enjoyed by all ages, AnNabil Syrups are a refreshing drink that quench thirst via a nutritious energy boost.

Tags: 100% natural
Category: Grocery, Syrup