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Agua De Piedra Still

Product from: Mexico

Introducing Agua De Piedra by Nominal, pure and refreshing mineral water sourced from pristine underground springs. Filtered naturally through layers of soil and rock in the Huasteca basin of Nuevo León, México, it boasts a clean and crisp taste that is truly unique. With no carbonation, it offers a smooth and velvety mouthfeel, providing a calm and gentle drinking experience.

Agua De Piedra embodies purity and simplicity, making it the perfect choice for refreshing and hydrating moments.
Chemical Composition: SO4: 220.0 mg/L, HCO3: 290.0 mg/L, Ca: 440.0 mg/L, Mg: 72.0 mg/L, Cl: 70.0 mg/L, Na: 48.0 mg/L, NO3: 0.009 mg/L, Ph: 7.0.
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