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Origin: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 

An aromatic blend with both earthy and subtle citrus undertones, and just a hint of nuttiness with the addition of sesame. Our Zaatar  includes the flower of zaatar plant (Origanum syriacum) only, carefully harvested by hand, giving the mix a clean, delicate, and highly aromatic fragrance. This mix contains health-promoting micronutrients.

Zaatar captures the spirit and flavor of the Mediterranean and its sun-drenched landscapes. It grows wild in mountainous terrain and it is harvested in early summer before its aromatic spears begin to flower.
Our Zaatar mix Organic is sourced from Bekaa Valley, in eastern Lebanon. Premium Quality,



Ingredients:  Thyme, Roasted sesame, oregano (Origanium syriacum), sumac, salt.

How to use: Serve with olive oil and bread.

Pairs well with meats, salads, cheeses and pizzas.



Tags: 100% natural
Category: Grocery, Nominal, Spices