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Toasted Almonds with Rosemary & Paprika

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La Chinata Toasted Almonds with EVOO, Rosemary and Paprika are made with almonds of ‘Marcona’ variety, which is only grown in Spain.

It is characterized by its unique texture as well as its great taste, which makes it the most appreciated almond in the world by all consumers. Slightly salty and with a touch of rosemary, it is made with a special blend and roasted with EVOO instead fried, in order to enhance its aroma and flavour.

The result is a delicious selection of almonds, lighter and less fatty, which offer a very smooth and natural flavour and a perfect texture, with a touch of rosemary and paprika aroma.

Almonds are a great nutritional source that brings great health benefits because of its high protein, fibre, minerals and essential fatty acids content.

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