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Duck Rillettes de Pato w/ Extra Virgin

Product from France


Duck Rillettes de Pato w/ Extra Virgin offers a versatile culinary ingredient that can be enjoyed in various ways. It can be savored on its own, spread on bread or crackers, or incorporated into various culinary creations. Its rich flavor pairs beautifully with a range of ingredients, from fruits and nuts to cheeses and spices. 

Originating in the southwest of France, Duck Rillettes de Pato w/ Extra Virgin is a staple in French cuisine, often served as an appetizer or a simple snack. The slow-cooking process renders the duck meat incredibly tender and flavorful, while the shredded texture creates a delightful mouthfeel. The addition of extra virgin olive oil adds a touch of richness and complexity, complementing the duck's natural flavors beautifully.


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